Thursday, 28 July 2016

Hitting The Black Wall

Photo courtesy of Rosie Bans

Occasionally Ralph strays from the musical path and dabbles in other arts related forms and on this occasion it's Hitting The Black Wall, a book of poetry by respected Louder Than War writer and fellow music blogger extraodinaire (under the nom-de-plume of Hiapop) Paul Scott-Bates.

Originally a Burnley Lad, he's now based in Lanchashire's Rossendale Valley where he enjoys 'The Good Life' with his family. 

This book though examines quite the opposite, delving at times almost painfully into the frailties of man's existence. There's longing, suffering and death alongside love, regret and malice. 

Release Me

I'm Sorry
For being quiet today.
I didn't mean to hurt you in any way.
But sometimes, I need my solitude
That's not to say I don't need you.

Release me
(from the pain of thinking I may not love you enough)
Release me
(from the pain of thinking I cannot return your love)
Release me
(from the shadow which I try to hide behind)
heaven knows,God knows,
I know,
I try.

Is this book of poems by Paul Scott-Bates retrospective? 




Hitting The Black Wall by Paul Scott-Bates is available now on Amazon.

It wouldn't be a blog by Ralph without music, so I thought 'Love And Regret' by Deacon Blue would be apt. Enjoy.

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