Wednesday, 6 July 2016


In Awe of Nothing cover artAfter giving the Mt.Doubt single Afterglow a spin on Ralph's Radio KC Indie Show a few weeks back it's about time we had a shuftie at the album from whence it came. Entitled In Awe Of Nothing it's the follow up to My Past Is A Quiet Beast, one of the best debut albums to come out of Scotland last year. It was released by Edinburgh based Leo Bargery as a solo project prior to the Mt. Doubt moniker and is a joy to listen to.

With In Awe Of Nothing he steps it up a gear, blending fine songwriting capabilities with his distinctive yet familiar vocals. I recently compared Glasgow's Mildred's Dairy with a more grown-up Orange Juice and this album from Mt.Doubt has that same quality vibe.

There's undertones of Lou Reed in the likes of To A Cusp and Thirst and Sheer and Utter but Mt.Doubt manages to plough a very individual furrow with his darkly pop songs. No surprise also that he's been invited to perform on the T Break stage at this years T in The Park this weekend. 

With this album; released on the fiercly independent Scottish Fiction, Leo Bargery is approaching the crest of his musical wave. 

The gloomy, bluesy Soak is a radio-friendly gem and it's closely followed; if not overshadowed, by the excellent Bastard Sea

After a few plays In Awe Of Nothing quickly becomes that comforting old jumper you never throw away. One for every honest music lovers collection. It's braw.

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