Wednesday, 7 December 2016


Ralph's played London based punk quintet COPE on the Radio KC Indie Show previously and is now pleased to reveal their new single Seasons Ending, taken from their forthcoming debut EP. 

The name COPE has two meanings, first and foremost the obvious; how do you cope? The second stands for Challenge Oppression Pursue Equality, the title of the band’s debut EP, which is out now.

If you're a fan of Every Time I Die or Kent outfit Feed The Rhino you're in for a real 'in your face' treat with Seasons Ending

Thrashing guitar play and a raucous vocal draw you in and it's as heavy as you like, yet brings an important message - "What will we do when there's nothing left but the ocean?"

COPE are hungry to be heard and their revolution started in November 2016, watch this space. 

COPE play The Crowndale Club, London on December 10th and you prefer a thinking man's hardcore punk band, this one's for you.

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