Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Ralph's Indie Show REPLAY No. 202

Tracks by:
One Man Revival — Be With Me Anymore
THUMPERS — Gargantua
This Party - Money
Affairs - Life Of leisure
Feral Five - Void
Palmes - Oslo
LUNA TIDES - Over The Cliffs
LIINES - Be Here
Alias Kid - Smoke & Ashes
Shmoo - pLaStIc SuRgErY
Calling All Astronauts - Life As We Know It
Hanging Valleys - T.B.D.
Hotel Del Salto - Bigger Than Elvis
LegPuppy - Black Light
The Gravity Drive - Kaleidescope
The Salient Braves - Guilty Until Proven Innocent
The Maritime Effect - Headstrong
STELLAR - Drop In Drop Out
End of Neil Music - With The Dead Beside Me
Tess Of The Circle - I'm Not Ashamed
The Life and Death - This Heart Has Been Broken
Diamond Days - Let Go
Rogue Siesta - Tired Town
JIANT - Content
Tilia - Golden

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