Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Brian's Indie Show REPLAY - as played on Radio KC - 11.2.18

Ralph's Indie Show Replay

As played on Radio KC

Internet Radio on rkc.noip.me

Played in 174 countries 

worldwide on 2 satellites

Website: ralphslife.co.uk

Submissions: ralphslife@mail.com

Twitter: @fruitbatwalton


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SHEAFS - Shock Machine
The Velvet Hands - I Don't Mind
The Hyena Kill - Atomised
Mt. Doubt - Conduits
The Actions - Let's Talk
DIDI - Fast And Furious
Imperial Leisure - Creeper
Little Triggers - Silly Cigarettes
Swimming Girls - Back Of Your Car
Jesuits - Stay Another Day
Dead Houses - Like To Know
Daniel Pearson - Pieces Of A Puzzle
VEYU - Where Has The Fire In You Gone? 
FUR - Eyes
The Nyx - Patience
The Silver Bayonets - Fake
Velvoir - Jackboot
Jump Stone - Neon
The Flesh Velvet - Mojosoul
Himalayas - If I Tell You
TALMA - In Circles
Ryan Farmer - Devil Gonna Leave Me Be
Dramalove - Funeral
The Roves - Chinese Magazine

GLUE MEN - I Smell Bacon

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