Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Brian's Indie Show REPLAY - as played on Radio KC - 25.2.18

Brian's Indie Show Replay

As played on Radio KC

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Umbrella Assassins - Woke Up Weird
Youth Man - I Don't Know
Art Block - Eliza
Erica - Human
Archie Langley - Crossfire
Kadija Kamara - Nothing Left To Lose
Desert Dusk - Witsin
John Stamp - Knocking
Upbeat Sneakers - Every Time Around
Nick Ellis - Clockwatching
Drang - Saturation Point
Vanity Pages - Dancing To 45s
Dialects - Because Your Path Is Unlike Any Other
The King Heat Ensemble - Give Or Take
The Rainband - Warhol
No One Sun - Ghost
Elephant Memoirs - Homework
The Apparells - Sunrise Disguise
Errant Boy - We Like You
Emilio Pinchi - High Times
Red Telephone - Not Myself
Edits - Don't Speak
King Kartel - Kerosene
Matty Lamb - Shot Me Again
The Moods - Joy

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