Sunday, 23 September 2012

Nudy Bronque.....on the road.....

Want to know what you get when Indie Pop Punk meets The Smiths playing a Ska's bright young Wiltshire band Nudybronque.  

They're finally coming of age with their upbeat, make you want to dance like your favourite uncle at a wedding tunes.....and if you don't believe me check out their last single, the bouncy 'Talking Pretty' which is my favourite track on the 'Bottled Blond' EP.  

Other tracks on the EP are the aptly named 'Bottled Blond', 'Movement', 'Fond Of You' and 'I Don't Want Your Problems'.   

Nudybronque are Aidan Sheehan Guitar/Vocals, Luke Wride Bass/Vocals and John 'Wolfman' Wealthdale on Drums.

On stage they're pure energy, delivering tune after tune of infectious, joint jumpin' magic.  Needless to say they're starting to attract a lot of media attention and have featured on BBC Wiltshire Introducing, Amazing Radio, Radio Caroline and Ralph's pal, Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6.

Big news now on the Nudybronque front is the release of the new single 'Allsorts' and it's a delightfully infectious pop tune with a retro stylee.  Shades of Jarvis Cocker with a sixties keyboard feel.  They've even splashed out and added a funky video.....


Gig wise Nudy Bronque are starting a major assault on an unsuspecting public.  So if you're anywhere within easy reach of the following venues take Ralph's advice and go and catch them'll be in for quite a night!

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