Wednesday, 12 September 2012

The Cornerstones.....not just another brick in the wall

What's the ideal thing you'd like to happen when you're making a big push at breaking into the current music about scoring a major gig supporting former Stone Roses and Ian Brown guitarist Aziz Ibrahim.  Well that's exactly what London band The Cornerstones have done!  They're playing The Monto Water Rats Theatre in London on the 28th September where they'll be playing their own brand of guitar driven indie tunes.

RKC - Radio Kaos CaribouThey also have a new release getting some heavy airplay on internet radio stations Apollo in the US and RKC in France.  'Stand In Line' is aimed at the wider market with an almost 'power pop' feel to it.....

The Cornerstones
The Cornerstones have had several different line ups over the last seven years but feel they've now reached the final blend of musical niceness.  One constant over the years has been the partnership between singer/songwriter Richard Ruth and lead guitarist and co-writer Dan Bennion.  They've been joined by drummer Ryan Pincott and Kyle Radbone on bass to give the band a fuller more current sound.

Another recent release is the heavier 'This Is How It Ends' which has an almost late sixties early seventies feel to it.....shades of The Small Faces (hardly surprising given they cite Marriott and Lane as influences). 

XfmAfter being hailed as London's best kept secret they gained slots with Oasis, Shed 7, Proud Mary and the brilliant Finlay Quaye.  They released their debut single, 'Smack Me In The Face' at that time and it achieved airplay on XFM and Radio 1 giving them the impetus to take things further.

So Ralph's advice is get yourself a ticket for the 28th September and take that final step with The Cornerstones on the stairway to (ok not heaven) musical the meantime here's a video of their first gig in 2012 at The Half Moon, Putney.....enjoy!

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