Wednesday, 5 September 2012

The Whispery Club.....they wont be a secret for long!

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Last year those lovely, shiny, bright young things at Diamond and Anchor Clothing Co. dropped me a wee Tweet regarding the up and coming Scottish three-piece from Ayrshire, Whispery Club.

Now funnily enough I'd had 'Between My Home and Your House' thrumming its way through my headphones prior to that after hearing them on Jim Gellately's 'In Demand' podcast without further delay I decided it was time to take to the keyboard and share the goodness that is Whispery Club.

Now for an emerging band to come up with a track that I'm certain is going to get some heavy airplay in the coming months is quite an achievement (although they are made up from the remnants of other bands).  

It's up there with the recent Vigo Thieves release 'Forever' or The Draymin's 'Heart Attack', both of which are never off the headphones.....'Between My Home and Your House' is addictive,accomplished, catchy, moody, melancholic, meaningful and atmospheric.....too many superlatives.....I don't think so.  Recently it recieved some heavy airplay on Ralph's favourite French radio station in Paris RKC.

The video, filmed by Chris Service and John McIntosh (who also edited it) is a wee gem for being self made and is getting widely viewed on YouTube.....why not have a look yourself.....

Their first gig was Bakers in Kilmarnock in September of last year when they shared the stage with..... 

Statler Project, Colour Cells, Outstandifold & The Wettygrippers and The Coffins in a benefit for Yorkhill Hospital.  That was followed up on the 24th November when they share a support slot to Fatherson with Vukovi, again at Bakers Night Club

Whispery Club are - 

Chris Lawrence - Guitar and Vocals, Gary Goldie - Bass and John McIntosh - drums

Individually their influences are -

Chris: Radiohead, Nirvana, Oceansize.

Gary: Glassjaw, Circa Survive, Minus The Bear.

John: Funeral For A Friend, Say Anything.

Me, I can't wait to see what they're going to come out of the studio with.....and big news is a new video is just completed and another new track is on the way.....Ralph's had a sneak preview and both the video and the tracks are crackers and don't forget you can catch them live at The Dirty Weekender in Kilmarnock on Sunday June 2nd.

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