Thursday, 29 November 2012


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Now it's been a while since Ralph took a look at Slydigs (back in May 2012) and predicted big things for them, a month later and they'd signed a deal with Flicknife Records and have gone from strength to strength culminating in the release of their album 'Never To Be Tamed' in September 2012.

Slydigs debut single 'Electric Love' was a proper Rock 'n' Roller, get the fans jumping, sticks in your head classic tune, fast paced guitar and snappy lyrics...and the good thing is (despite everyone trotting out the usual comparisons ) I can't really compare it to anything.

Slydigs produce their own authentic brand of Indie rock.  'Electric Love' featured as the theme tune of a new US talent show by Acme Productions and was awarded video of the week on Sky music channel Lava.  

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If you're looking for a proper anthem then there's the addictive 'The Love That Keeps On Giving' with raunchy, stylish guitar playing and catchy wooo hoo hoo's, backed up by 'Never To Be Tamed', another hard punching rocker from Slydigs that's destined for bigger stages.

Photo via Radka Dolinska

They're a hard working, committed band and thoroughly deserve the success that's coming their way.  They look the part, they play their part and their music will blow you apart.  The album has to be a 'must buy' for any serious Indie rock lover's collection.

UPDATE: Big news for 2014 is of course their support The Who in December which will bring even wider recognition to the band. The December 13th gig in the Manchester Arena will be huge for these local lads!

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  2. It's difficult as I look at the typical all white background & black type music blogs and tend to switch off...people tend to scan through blogs and I'm mainly trying to get them to listen rather than read...and the different coloured text within paragraphs are to distinguish I've tried to make it for the short of attention span reader like myself lol...nice to have some feedback though!

  3. In keeping with Ralph's commitment to customer satisfaction....the colour is gone and I'm going with light grey on black!