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Monday, 20 January 2014

Jimmy Blue

Given his recent Crowd Funding success it's no surprise that Ralph's attention was caught by Jimmy Blue, a Kickstarter project that's based in Liverpool and features the music of one of his favourite Scottish bands, del Amitri. As with all good Kickstarter projects it gives people the chance to be involved by pledging for rewards.


Written by Dave Ross, Jimmy Blue is the story of a young man, his dreams, his band, his girl, his baby, his demons and his downfall. With a script that is honest and real and songs that lift the spirits with heart rending lyrics and simple melody to produce a play with music that fits, no shoehorn required. 

Jimmy Blue will appeal to fans of del Amitri who want to hear familiar songs used in a completely new context. Also to those who enjoy new, exciting, projects that try and break free from the pomp and ceremony of most music based theatre.  With rewards that include mounted copies of the programme by Justin Currie and tickets to the performances it's a del Amitri fans dream.

In the words of Justin Currie...

"I'm incredibly curious about this project and as a result have pawned all my mother's jewellery to lend a hand with the crowd funding. It's just a shame she always shops at Claire's Accessories. Please help!" - Justin Currie

pledged of £3,000 goal

days to go