Monday, 6 January 2014

The Mars Patrol

After successfully raising the £5,000 target on the Ralph's Life Charity CD through crowd funding I thought I'd take a look at other music crowd funder projects currently active.  Scottish (but London based) six-piece Alt Pop/Rockers The Mars Patrol are currently in the middle of their second Pledge Music Campaign after successfully raising the funds for their first EP 'Young Lovers'

If they reach their crowd funding total 5% of monies raised will be donated to Cancer Research.  The remaining funds will be used to to finish and mix 5 new songs. However, thay are actually working on 7 and whether or not they can afford to keep working on those extra two, have them mixed and include them on the release will depend on how much over 100% they get. 

So, once they hit the minimum target The Mars Patrol would love it if people could keep pledging. They might even get enough to make a new music video!  Needless to say, there are loads of rewards on offer in return for your pledge, ranging from a download to an acoustic concert in your house or Executive Producer Credits on the album!

The 'Young Lovers' single is a very polished piece of Alt Pop with Davina Divine's strong clear vocal very much to the fore backed up by the musically accomplished Mars Patrol lads in the stripped back performance video - shades of Garbage or Republica. If you like what you hear why not become a part of their crowd funder and Pledge for a reward now!


"Young Lovers - Part 2" download + updates, PLUS another exclusive below.

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