Monday, 6 January 2014

The Mule Affair


Ralph recently reviewed The Gravity Drive who are a very happily married couple whose love and devotion to each other is reflected in their music. Well they're not alone as The Mule Affair are another husband and wife team whose love shines through in their music.

Anthony & Catherine Lane met in Plymouth, capital city of roundabouts. Unable to face a life spent going round in circles, they got the hell out of town, stumbled in love, got married and began singing and writing together as The Mule Affair.

One-time guitarist in a noisy indie band, Anthony shunned a lifetime of tinnitus, and began chasing songs with actual melodies. Former student at the Purcell School of Music, Catherine was chastised for writing her own music, but not writing it down!

The recently released single 'Everything You Said' is a classic example of Catherine's emotive vocals overlaid on a beautiful melody. It's a precursor to their debut EP 'Wing' due out early this year.

If it lives up to the single which Ralph's played a few times now on his Radio KC Sunday Show then we're in for a real treat.  The Mule Affair seem to have an innate ability to make seemingly simple tunes stick in your heart and mind.

Their other strong point is their constant companion and rock dog, Fred.  He's one of the reasons they're a part of the charity album for Death Row Dogs. Needless to say it's a charity that's very close to Ralph's heart!

daisyThe album 'You Could Save Me' began as just one song, it was then known as the charity single for death row dogs. During that time, they raised over £3,000 for specially chosen, grass-roots rescues who take in and re-home dogs on death rowThe single has now become an album because a group of songwriters were so moved by the plight of death row dogs, that they each wrote a song to help them. 

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