Monday, 21 April 2014

KynchinLay - 'Drink Me'

The new KynchinLay EP (launch night May 9th) has just dropped into the kennel, giving Ralph the chance to have a listen in advance. The Liverpool trio have been working hard to provide a bigger sound and with this excellently produced EP ('Dogfathers' and 'Leave Me Alone' were mixed at Motor Museum) they've achieved that.

Lead track 'Leave Me Alone' has a Radiohead feel to it and KynchinLay seem to be reveling in the darker almost psych punk style.  It has the same mean, moody lyrics and throbbing beat of third track, 'Public Execution'. Solid musicality and well crafted songwriting are a constant, showing maturity and sustained effort.

'Public Execution' is definitely one for the grown ups with it's slow menacing intro building to a crescendo, breaking into even more menacing vocal and guitar work in the style of Killing Joke.  With Mal William's bass the glue that holds it together it's a proper anthem for their fans at the EP's launch gig in Liverpool's Sound Food and Drink on Duke Street, May 9th.

KynchinLay show their lighter side on the soulful and harmonious 'Live Free or Die', but with 'Dogfathers' they take a body swerve towards ska whilst maintaining the darker lyrics and vocal.  It's almost creepy in the style of The Specials 'Ghost Town' mixed with a touch of SAHB (I can pay it no finer compliment) and would work well as a single. Final track My Heart' rounds of the EP nicely with its strong bassline and guitar...'Drink Me' is a must have for your collection!

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