Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Phantoms

The Phantoms, who played a storming set at the Ralph's Life CD launch party in Edinburgh on April 30th have been on the kennel's radar since late last year and have impressed ever since.

The Phantoms are Colin Simpson on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Colin McKillop on Lead Guitar, Peter Stewart on Bass and Backing Vocals with Brad Young on Drums. They began with local gigs in their home town of Broxburn, and have since branched out into Edinburgh and Glasgow.

Revolution by The Phantoms

The Phantoms recently released their new single 'Revolution' to no small amount of critical acclaim at a launch night in Sneaky Pete's in Edinburgh and it's the perfect example of how they've built up a stronger, fuller sound. With that in mind Ralph posed them some of his usual incisive questions prior to their upcoming gig in King Tut's on the 9th of August...

Ralph: Obvious question first, where do your influences lie?

Ralph: How did the band get together?

The Phantoms: Met through school, the band got together through the breaking up of a previous band, but we all met through school.

Ralph: Over the last year the tracks you've released have developed a bigger more 'grown up' sound...where does the inspiration/development come from?

The Phantoms: Not really sure, every time we release something we think it has to be better than the last, sound, bigger. A lot of our inspiration comes from listening to our own stuff. With everything we release we have to be convinced its 
better than the last thing we did. 

Ralph: Given you've been noticed and plugged by Jim Gellatly any approaches/plans for playing some of the festivals this year?

The Phantoms: Not as of yet, maybe next year, maybe a bit early for us.

Ralph: Studio or live?

The Phantoms: Couldn't possibly choose. Studio is great because it means we get to release something new, but playing live is great, we love the energy.

Ralph: The new single 'Revolution' has been picking up airplay, any hints as to what's next?

The Phantoms: 'Revolution' was a massive success for us, radio play from everywhere like Forth One, Amazing Radio etc, we made The Scottish Sun to promote it as well. We've got a couple of gigs lined up at the end of the month, but we'll probably start working our next release after that.

Ralph: Bacon Roll or Gregg's Steak Bake (you can't have both)?

The Phantoms: Bacon Roll

Ralph: Who would you most like to share a bill with and where?

The Phantoms: Kasabian are playing a hometown show is Leicester in the summer, that would be incredible.  

Ralph: Album or EP?

The Phantoms: Album 

Ralph: Finally, any plans for venturing further South in the near future?

The Phantoms: We did a tour last year and played quite a few dates down south. We're not really sure about this year but we'll wait and see.

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