Wednesday, 27 August 2014

HarFest 2014

Now it's no secret that as well as his love of Indie music Ralph's a fan of local, fresh organic food, so when fellow music blogger hiapop (Paul Scott-Bates) told me about his involvement with HarFest 2014 in Rossendale that celebrates both of those passions, it was time to investigate.

The festival is linked to the outstanding work done by Incredible Edible Rossendale which was set up by Paul and his good lady after being influenced by the Incredible Edible Todmorden project which is regularly visited by the likes of Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Prince Charles.

Time to have a word...

hiapop Blog Ralph: What's behind the Incredible Edible project?

Paul: We all have one thing that binds us together, the need to eat. Incredible Edible encourages people to grow and eat fresh food, teach them to prepare simple healthy meals and source as much as possible locally. This is where the huge emphasis of working as a Community comes into being.

Ralph: So how did HarFest 2014 come about?

Paul: At the first IER Harvest Celebration in 2013 the idea struck me to combine my alter ego of hiapop Blog and my love of music with the ethos of fresh local produce.  After reviewing over 200 artists for Louder Than War, I decided to try and coax a few of them to come and play live at our second event, and @HarFest2014 was born!

Ralph: So who can we expect to see on the day?

Paul: The generosity and friendship of Rose Redd, Ceiling Demons, The Ree-Vahs and My Little Brother (who have just released a new album) means that we can have four very different genres of music being introduced to an audience who might not have heard them before.  It boasts the profile of a free, local event and brings everyone together!

We'd hoped to have Helen McCookerybook, but she sent her apologies for not being able to play (in Brighton on the same day) by means of CD's that we'll raffle off. 

With that in mind, Ralph has now sent some of the fabulous Ralphs Life Charity CD's (along with a selection from bands and artists he's reviewed recently) and we would love any other artists to offer a handful of CD's, or other merchandise that can be offered up to help raise funds.  There's a small HarFest Website where the artists will be thanked for their kindness.  There will also be a handout at the event listing artists, donors and their respective websites.

The inimitable hiapop's reputation in music bloggery precedes as is  shown with the eclectic and quality talent who have agreed to play, including Ceiling Demons who recently stole the show at the Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival 'Spoken Word' tent.

Rose Redd is a beautiful contradiction. Twenty years in age but unfathomably older in soul, her music has its roots in darker days, experiences, and stories and finds its bloom in both release and connection. 

Her poignant verses and explosive choruses let you know that she makes music because she has to.

Ceiling Demons are an alternative hip hop trio from North Yorkshire, England. The group first came together in 2011 to pay tribute to a lost friend, a theme that has permeated the music ever since.

Taking influence from The Streets' Mike Skinner and the production of DJ Shadow, they seek to capture the rawness of human emotion in rhythms & rhymes. The group is comprised of identical twin brother MC's Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon, with production from Beat Demon. 

The Ree-Vahs write traditional folk music with a modern twist from the Borders of Durham and South Northumberland, generally with a bit of a twist and about life, love and loss (all the good stuff).

Their latest album 'Geordieland' comes with no small amount of critical acclaim and this would be an excellent opportunity to avail yourself of a live performance!

My Little Brother were formed when a group of people who like music got together and, fueled by gin and haribo, wrote and recorded some.

Their debut album "If We Never Came Down" has received amazing reviews and loads of airplay and they are all getting quite excited about what the future may hold.

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