Monday, 11 August 2014

Kat Healy

Ralph's been a fan of Edinburgh singer/songwriter Kat Healy since hearing her track 'The Haunting' which featured on her debut album back in 2012, Be Still Gentle Kind. The good news is she's releasing a new five track EP today (11th August) called When You Are Gone on digital download and a limited edition CD. Once again it's produced by Gary Boyle at Edinburgh's Depot Studios and it coincides with tour dates commencing in Glasgow on the 14th of August and onwards until Stuttgart in December.

Kat Healy is a singer songwriter with a striking ability to take an audience on a heartfelt journey with her music; singing songs filled with catchy hooks and phrases that stay with you long after you've stopped listening. 

Her stage presence mixes vulnerability with good humour whilst still allowing her voice to stand out amidst her songs; songs which have the ability to touch even the hardest of hearts, establishing her as distinctive songwriter, who has style and a unique vocal ability that is as striking as any of her female contemporaries. 

When You Are Gone is a short but delightfully reflective collection of beautifully crafted songs that delight the listener. Lead track No Heroes is a gentle ballad that flows seamlessly into Fly, Little Bird and the slightly countrified Sorry. That vibe continues with the retrospective feeling Weatherman and poignant final track When You Are Gone. The EP is a tribute to Kat Healy's songwriting and her bands consummate musicality.

Tour Dates
14/08/14 - Glasgow - Broadcast 

20/08/14 - Edinburgh - Sophi's Bar 
31/08/14 - Glasgow - The Record Factory 
07/09/14 - Dublin - The Sunday Roast 
10/09/14 - Dublin The Zodiac Sessions 
04/10/14 - Birmingham - Cafe Ort 
23/12/14 - Stuttgart - Sideways Bar

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