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Ralph's Top 10 Blogged Band Chart - 16.8.14

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                                                    OK bands you know the score.....

the more hits your blog gets by the fans..... 

the higher you go.....

So Tweet it, Facebook it.....

and generally expose yourself.....

Now Mr Snuggles and me have been sitting with our heads down counting the hits on each bands blog to see who's got which place.  

So here it is.....

The Top Ten Blogged Band Chart .....

No 1..... Wullae Wright

Displaying Superhero-finished.jpg
Ralph's previously blogged Wullae Wright and it's proved to be the most well read of any over the last couple of years. Needless to say it was good news when Wullae Wright got in touch to say he was releasing 'Superhero' as a single. The story of the song is no less poignant than Wullae Wright's plaintive vocal which, overlaid on subtle acoustic guitar with an orchestral background is just as heart wrenching as the single's message. 

Back in October of last year it was with a heavy heart that Ralph reported on The Invisible Ray, an album that was to be the swansong of The Low Countries (mainly comprised of Nigel Parrington and Els D'hooge). Ralph had a chat with Nigel at the time and he reported that he felt 'all songed out'.

No 3.....Villiers

Ralph's been keeping an eye on Lancashire lads Villiers for a bit now and, with the imminent release of a Double A Side single (You're Not Alone/Nowhere Left To Run) as a follow up to the excellent 'Dancer', this seemed as good a time as any to spread the good musical word. They're very much in the same mould as London electro boys Thumpers or Resonate from Sheffield, but with a bit of a mean and moodier edge as shown on 'Dancer'.

Sonic Hearts Foundation - 'Afterlife'

Seeing as Ralph's heading on a road trip home soon, it's about time a few Scottish bands were featured. The first being Sonic Hearts Foundation from Glasgow, who Ralph gave a spin on last Sunday's Indie Show on Radio KC. They're releasing a new Single 'Afterlife' on August 11th and it's a follow up to their critically acclaimed 'Into Forever' EP.

Photo: Our EP Howlin' is out now and available for download on iTunes and amazon worldwide
UTRRalph's featured Birmingham band Broken Witt Rebels a couple of times now on his Radio KC Indie Show and always to some great feedback, so it was with great interest that he checked out their newly released EP Howlin'.

Released this week, it's five tracks of bluesy, gutsy and downright nasty rock 'n' roll in the style of Bad Company or Family from back in the day. Lean, mean, punch you in the face and buy you a drink after tunes, proper music for grown ups.

No 6....Jane Allison


It's no secret Ralph's a fan of crowdfunding and when he heard that Welsh singer songwriter and actress Jane Allison Stanness would be releasing her debut solo Americana album “Just Another Girl” under the name Jane Allison using Kickstarter it was time to investigate.

Ralph's recently been listening to a lot of 'proper' music for 'grown ups' and in this category comes the recently released EP King Of Crows by Sheffield band Braver Than Fiction. It's a collection of four live tracks that set off vocalist Mel's bluesy infused vocals against some snazzy Steampacket-esque Hammond organ-ising.

Displaying Hinterland.jpg

Ralph doesn't usually put blogs out on a Friday, what with the weekend being sacred and all, however when he heard that The Bedroom Hour were releasing their new album Hinterland on the 11th of July he made an exception and wound up the turntable.

There's a couple of old favourites on there in Nocturnal and Heart Will Haunt, but it's the new material that intrigues.


Photo: It's Finally Here Folks, 

Our long awaited 2nd album "GET YOURSELF A NAME" is set to be released via any digital download site on 11.08.14 and hard copys to follow

recorded at JARAF HOUSE STUDIO and cover Sleeve photo by Legendary Photographer BRIAN CANNON your gonna love it.


1. Kiss like a Rattle snake
2. Lay it on the Line
3. Closing Time
4. Wake up Wake up
5. Forgiving Kind 
6. I Need the Real Thing
7. Movin on
8. Beg, Plead & Pray
9. Get yourself a Name
10. Born this Way (but that's ok)
11. The Sky's The Limit

We would like to thank every one who has supported T.i over the past 6 years we have been rocking the country and a Special Thanks to 

Angelica Fenney for Hair & Make-up & for all her hard work in managing us through blood sweat and tears, and a broken down car on the way to a scotland gig.... lmfao xx

John Kettle from Jaraf House Studio for producing the epic songs and giving us the opportunity to record a few of his own & his wife Virginia Kettle songs we have recorded with him tracks 1, 5, 6. and all the Coffee we made for him but not like slutch (he says in a wigan voice)

And to the brilliant famous photographer Brian Cannon for taking the album sleeve shot & Noreen Osborne for Modeling for it, its gonna blow your minds..also Brian and having the patients to ways around for a 3 hours late band member, there's always a story when it comes to a Titors Event...

Jp Braddock from Formation Audio Post Production & Mastering

Location of sleeve, the sleeve was taken in the cinema bar in St. Helens. A massive thanks to Kev & Andy for letting us use there venue. Quality lads. 

Also to our sponsors Classy Cuts, Mandy Shandy Miller & Anarchy Tattoo Studio, Ste Cliffe for making us look the part and supplying us with great tattoos.. x


Much Love & Peace


Well it's finally here, St Helens band TITORS INSIGNIA are releasing Get Yourself A Name - their long awaited,11 track follow-up album to Fair City Riots tomorrow. It includes their rock it out classic track Beg, Plead and Pray which featured on the Ralph's Life CD for mental health charity Rethink.

No 10..... Kat Healy 

Ralph's been a fan of Edinburgh singer/songwriter Kat Healy since hearing her track 'The Haunting' which featured on her debut album back in 2012, Be Still Gentle Kind. The good news is she's releasing a new five track EP today (11th August) called When You Are Gone on digital download and a limited edition CD. Once again it's produced by Gary Boyle at Edinburgh's Depot Studios and it coincides with tour dates commencing in Glasgow on the 14th of August and onwards until Stuttgart in December.

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