Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Fragile Creatures

Fragile Creatures EP
Brighton seems to be producing a wealth of musical goodness of late and Fragile Creatures are pushing their way to the forefront of that trend after an enforced hiatus due to tragic circumstances. After a successful start to 2013; including starting to record an album, David Vatchnadze, their mentor and founder of Indie record label DNVMusic sadly passed away.

They're now back and releasing an EP of four carefully crafted, pop-tastic guitar driven tracks on August 31st as a follow up to their debut, double A side single Dear Michael/She Makes Me Nervous.

This Fragile Creatures EP should see them riding high on the current wave of poppy guitar bands with four well produced and extremely catchy tracks, the first of which is the EP's title track Fragile Creatures. It's stylish guitar and smooth vocal make for easy listening, especially on a sunny August day like today. 

Next up is the aptly titled Sunshine with slight shades of The Cure in the intro and it's an upbeat, bouncy track that's guaranteed to be a Fragile Creatures fans favourite. 

Stowaways is a moodier, more stylish rendering, and closing track End Of The World (For Two) with its dark lyric embedded on a paradoxically light and airy musical arrangement giving it a very late 60's Beatles feel.

Fragile Creatures are  Adam Kidd (vocals/guitar), Aaron Neville (keyboards/vocals), Tom Alty (guitar/vocals), James Crump (drums), Adam Whittles (bass) and they will be playing the following dates...

April 23

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