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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Strange-days in Strange-ways


Now Ralph's always liked a good story and when it includes a punk theme set in Manchester it's guaranteed to attract his attention. So when he heard about Strange-days in Strange-ways by North West production company Low Flying Geese which is about a punk band formed in Manchester's Strangeways Prison featuring such luminaries as, Shaun Ryder, John Cooper Clarke, John Robb and Clint Boon it was time to take a look.

The film is currently being crowdfunded using Kickstarter, giving everyone a chance to be a part of this Indie film by pledging for one of the rewards which range from just a shout out on Twitter to a part in the film!

Picture © Shay Rowan Photography

This manic story of a band famed more for their antics as opposed to their music is narrated by award winning Salford poet J B Barrington who tells the story through his vivid poetry and sharp wit, depicting their rise and self-inflicted decline into obscurity.

James Coburn and The Rum Bastards
ImageYou don't get more rock and roll than a bunch of 'Rum Bastards' forming a punk band within the walls of a notorious Manchester prison. This is the story of just that. After meeting in Strangeway's prison in the 1980’s and led by Belfast lad James Coburn, these ‘Rum Bastards’ would go on to bring a whole new meaning to chaos and confusion!

Shortly after being released from prison the band were signed to independent record label VI-AGRO; ran from a grubby little butchers in Ancoats by Barry ‘The Butcher’ Burton. It wasn't long before this rabble of no marks were "rocking out with their cocks out" in snide back alley venues up and down the country with noise from their one and only album, ‘Strange-days in Strange-ways’. 

In the words of Nathan Cunningham of Low Flying Geese - "The film as it stands at the moment is brilliant! It's gritty, very Northern, and absolutely hilarious and we can't wait to share it with the world."

"We've been working on this film now for two years whilst juggling our various different day jobs. We're just a bunch of working class lads with a great project on our hands and are so excited to share it with everyone we just need that financial support for the final push to the finishing line."

"Almost 80% of the film is complete and has been funded out of our own pockets but it's now reached that critical stage where we're on the cusp of finishing it but can't afford the time and equipment to get it done as the project has finally rinsed us dry. All the final scenes have been written and locations sought out, everyone's cast and ready to go, we just need money to take the time to complete it with the right equipment to make the film look how it deserves to look."

So if you think you could be a 'Rum Bastard' pledge to Strange-days in Strange-ways now from this link - Get on it!