Wednesday 20 May 2015

Rory Wynne

Ralph's first introduction to up and coming Manchester singer/songwriter Rory Wynne was Post Party Confusion, his new, quirky and insightful single which views the travails of being a young party animal in today's night-life jungle. 

Not only has Ralph played it on his Radio KC Indie Show a couple of times it's been featured by Radio 1 DJ Phil Taggart.

The new release is fast paced, in your face, punky and penetrative. Thrashing, psychedelic infused guitar riffs overlaid with his fraught vocal. 

Born in 1999 (I've got socks older than that) in Stockport, Manchester, Rory Wynne was brought up on a steady diet of rock n roll with sides of indie, punk and Irish music and it shows.

With those influences anchored in his blood, Rory Wynne started writing his own music - mostly fast, in-your-face tracks. Some tracks have a softer, delicate and even ambient feel but always lyrically clever. 

Rory Wynne plays guitar, drums, keys and 'tries to sing' but with his cool style, swagger and cocky vocals he is surely destined to be a full-time rock 'n' roller.

Rory Wynne has already supported another burgeoning Ralph's Life favourite Blossoms recently; to much critical acclaim, and will certainly be in demand for more live support performances (maybe even on a Ralphstock bill soon) prior to taking the stage as a headliner in his own Shameless's Frank Gallagher would have said - 'He's gonna be a starrrr'.

In the meantime get your copy of Post Party Confusion and I've included the video below for your're welcome.

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