Wednesday 27 May 2015

The Empty Page

It's always nice when you find a virtually brand spanking new band that sounds like they've been together for years and producing a focused and polished sound. Just such an eventuality is the case with The Empty Page (which it wont be as I've got more to say, otherwise it'd be a short review) from Manchester.

With that in mind Ralph had a quick chat with Jim of The Empty Page with a view to finding out what's driven them to forming the band to bring us their version of 'fuzzy 90's Alt Rock'.

Ralph: The Empty Page sound like a well established band despite only having formed this year, have you all played in other bands previously?

JimYes. Kel and Giz both play in a long standing punk rock band called Obsessive Compulsive and have toured the UK, Europe and America. 

I was the drummer in Boddickers and before that I drummed in LAP (Life Among People) for seven years touring the UK - mainly Scotland. Kel also works with Ginger Wildheart sometimes, some recordings, some live stuff.

Ralph: What's the glue that binds The Empty Page?

JimWe've all been mates for years and we come from the same musical background. Music comes first, second and third for all of us. We also have a penchant for bad puns.

Ralph: Studio perfection or getting out there live?

JimLive is where it's at. We've been trying to recreate our natural 'live' sound in the studio too, oldschool style, more or less recording live and not trying to achieve perfection. There's beauty in imperfections. A lot of stuff is way too cleaned up nowadays, not a lot of soul in that.

Ralph: Pizza or Falafel?

JimBoth. And sushi. And tacos. And curry. We really like food!

Ralph: Happy with the Manchester scene or will The Emptly Page be looking further afield?

JimThe Manchester scene is always changing. It's always evolving and it's a great place to find new music of every flavour. We love Manchester but would never restrict ourselves to one city or scene.

Ralph: You're US influenced, do you prefer the American 'fuzzy' sound?

Jim: We all like all kinds of music but there's a definite influence with this band that comes from the early 90s American fuzzy alternative scene yeah.  We love loads of British bands too though, Radiohead, My Bloody Valentine, Joy Division, The Smiths and PJ Harvey.

So there you have it, a new band that has all the hallmarks of having been together as a tight unit for years. Don't miss out on listening to the Ancoats Sessions EP and with that in mind, Ralph's spinning a track next Sunday on his Radio KC Indie Show (5-7pm). 

Y'all should take the chance to catch their assured, driving sound at their next live show - so get yourselves to The Crescent in Salford, Manchester on June 26th!

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