Tuesday 12 May 2015


Riding the crest a wave of up and coming young Scottish bands currently flooding the UK music scene is Dundee band Vladimir. Their industrial yet infectious brand of 'post-punk' is reminiscent of fellow Scots the late lamented Cinematics with a heavier Joy Division-esque vibe. No surprise then that they've been supporting such luminaries as The View and The Fall of late.

Ralph's played Vladimir a couple of times on his Radio KC Indie Show with great feedback and their new single In My Head is on next Sunday's playlist. 

With thanks to Dave Clark Photography
Ralph's also looking at a Liverpool Ralphstock event which he hopes will feature the 'bleak' yet anthemic Vladimir live and loud sound.

That would include of course a rendition of their third single, In My Head which is the lads at their best with it's burgeoning intro leading into mean and moody dystopian vocal.

With thanks to Dave Clark Photography

It's overlaid on driving guitar and throbbing drum with a chorus that will stick in my head (see what I did there) for a long time to come. It's a short, sharp stab in your aural senses that wounds deep and will take a long time to heal.

Keep your eyes peeled for upcoming Vladimir gigs as they're currently planning countrywide tour dates.

Upcoming Dates

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