Thursday, 26 November 2015


The Grooveplay Recordings cover artLong time Ralph's Life favourite Johnno Casson, prior to releasing the third album by his alter ego Snippet has regaled us with a collection of tracks that detail the last ten years of that particular musical incarnation. Here he gives us an insight into that nascent period...

"In late 2004 I tentatively started planning to record a new solo project and back then there was no Soundcloud, no Bandcamp and no iTunes.

MySpace was about to kick in however, there was an online platform where some like-minded DIY musicians were sharing their musical creations called Grooveplay." 

"With no gear outboard gear to record on other than a trusty yet beaten up Yamaha acoustic, a bunch of samples, a shit microphone and a half dead PC in a tiny corner of our already very full flat - Snippet was born."

What follows is a delightful trip through his self-styled 'Wonky Pop', from the psychedelically dreamy The Digital Yes to the trippy 50 Pounds Each it makes you smile and makes you groove in equal degrees.

He cut his musical teeth as the lead singer of trip hop pioneers Deep Joy, working with the likes of Primal Scream's Andrew Weatherall, James Lavelle of Mo’ Wax/UNKLE fame and Adrian Sherwood of On-U-Sound plus touring extensively; including with The Farm.

"After being in Deep Joy and having had a wonderful break starting a family I needed a new outlet for my creative juices and so it came to pass that 2005 was the birth of Snippet on grooveplay dot com

These wonky sound collages were never released. To celebrate 10 years of Snippet they are out in all their dirty glory. Lo-fi and proud they're available as a pay-what-you-want to anyone who fancies a journey down the memory lane which gave birth to Snippet." 

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