Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Undivided

The Undivided pic 2It's always nice to see a band with a bit of heart and soul and there's none more so than Welsh four-piece The Undivided as their new single and accompanying video Invincible highlights the need for organ donors and compassionately outlining the issues of gain and loss involved.

Formed in 2009 The Undivided have made quite an impact on the South Wales musical landscape and now their anthemic brand of alt rock is reaching further afield.  They're impressive live and have a growing, dedicated fanbase.  

One of their fans shared her personal story regarding organ donorship.

"...What happened within the next few hours was nothing less than a miracle. A heart had become available and mum was on the top of the list.The timing was a miracle, the fact it matched was a miracle, her being healthy for the op was a miracle, and everything that happened in those few hours seemed crazy.

I can't describe to anyone the emotions that run through you when you hear a donor has been found and your loved one is being prepped for their transplant.

It’s like electric currents sparking different feelings through your body, excitement, fear, concern, love, sadness, utter joy, guilt, exhilaration, all mixed in with knowing that for my mum to have her new heart someone else didn't need it anymore.

She concluded - 'They didn't just save one life that night, they saved my whole family.  Every organ donor can save 8 lives, that is 8 families who are given hope, 8 families who don't have to grieve, 8 families whose lives are changed."

Over the last couple of years The Undivided have gigged extensively over the UK, supported bands such as Ash and Excerts, played live sessions for BBC Wales and received great reviews for their live shows. They're currently working in the studios to produce a new body of work for 2016.

Invincible carries on very much in the 'anthemic' nature of the band with its well concieved and meaningful vocal overlaid on soaring guitar and driving percussion.  Ralph has already given it a spin on his Radio KC Indie Show to great feedback and it'll feature on the station's main rotation.

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