Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Boston Shakers

What do you get when you mix Fun Lovin' Criminals with Tijuana Bibles and stir in a bit of John Mayall and Dr Feelgood? Liverpool six-piece The Boston Shakers of course.

They're bringing their own brand of 'in your face', blues infused rock 'n' roll to the table, heavy beats with smattering of rap and no small amount of swagger.

The former barworkers describe themselves as providing - "Big MPC beats, wailing guitars and captivating raps served 'on the rocks', The Boston Shakers are a cocktail of good vibrations you won't get enough of."

Originally from France and the US, electronic rock band The Boston Shakers are now based in Liverpool. 

The band started when six friends with the same passion for music and drinks decided to blend the musical genres they had been listening and playing for years with the nightlife atmosphere and environment they were working in as bartenders.

Ralph's giving their track Body Mind & Soul a spin on his Radio KC Indie Show this Sunday.

The Boston Shakers are very much the real deal both lyrically (I'm rockin' like Garry Glitter - but I ain't no babysitter), musically and (with a charismatic front man that looks like Russell Brand) live and unleashed. Check out the video filmed in Liverpool's atmospheric Motel Bar on Fleet Street.

Catch them live on 19th November in Bierkeller Manchester if you can!

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