Thursday, 19 November 2015


Ralph is always on the scrounge, looking for new tunes to play on his Radio KC Indie Show, so when the Patersani single release Lost And Found was brought to his attention his interest was peaked and it's not left the turntable since.

Pounding percussion and a full-on driving guitar intro give this debut single a delightful alt-pop feel but with a decidedly rock-like foundation. 

Based in Glasgow and formed late last year around brothers Craig and Dave Paterson the band are completed by Danny Harris on drums and Colin Orr on Bass.

Their tight sound is no real surprise given that Patersani have been working with Bruce Rintoul in the studios of late with a view to taking their new material on tour in Scotland and the UK. 

They'll be kicking off the New Year headlining King Tut's on the 19th of January as part of the venue's New Year Revolution gigs.

I can't quite put my paw on who Patersani remind me of; which is a good thing, but Lost And Found has a familiar, comfortable feel with it's addictive guitar riffs and solid vocals. 

Given that they've already featured on STV Glasgow's Riverside Show as well as performing in front of packed crowds in King Tut's we can only look forward to them moving onwards and upwards through the Scottish music firmament and beyond in the very near future - whilst, as debut singles go, Lost And Found can be considered a minor triumph.

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