Thursday, 12 November 2015

Peach Trees

As an East meets West collaboration (that's Cleethorpes and Southport, not Russia and America) Peach Trees have come up with a pretty damn fine piece of get up on the floor, funky-ass disco music, made all the more listenable thanks to the soulful vocals of London-based Mr Ernie Jackson.

The release of This Is The Love by the nascent get-together of musical minds Ambrose Chappel and Dave Hubbard brings a poptastic blend of retro disco vibes and soul vocalising that would have happily blasted out of the speakers of Studio 54 (New York not Darlington) and make you want to get down with your bad self.

Ernie Jackson

As the beat builds with Ernie's soulful vocal, the sexy backbeats and dee-lightfully sensual sax will drag you onto the dancefloor. It's shades Chic or Alexander O'Neil back in the summer of '87 dragged kicking and screaming into today's musical mix by some assured production on the part of Ambrose and Dave and outstanding vocalising by the super-smooth Ernie Jackson.

It's got 12" vinyl single release written all over it and Ralph will be giving it a spin on the Radio KC Indie Show this week.

Here's hoping Ambrose (who features on the Ralph's Life CD) and Dave (of The Online Festival fame) aka Peach Trees continue to bring such funk fuelled gems to our turntables, especially with such high quality collaborators adding to the mix.

Me? I'm still polishing my disco ball...

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