Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Ralph's Indie Show Replay - 12.2.17

As played on Radio KC - Sunday 12.2.17 from 5-7pm

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The Bohos - Monday Morning
The Haze - She's My Baby
Cellar Door Moon Crow - Whistler
Little Brother Eli - Gold
HOLY MATRIMONY - If You Cannot Love Yourself
Modern Comforts - You Know I'm Bad News
Pronto Mama - Arabesque
ARCAVES - Out Of The Blue
yellow creatures - Spectrum
Slow Falling Sun - Colourblind
Ocean Ruins - Shake
Stillia - Let Me In
Penny Mob - Love Not Hate
The Grey Merchant - The Last Transmission
Calling Apollo - The Wars
Apollo Junction - Paris
The Baltic States - Brother
The Vryll Society - Sacred Flight
Joe Keegan - Feelin' Old
Cherry Head, Cherry Heart - So Much More
Moya - Love Hate
Violet Skies - Island
Saramai - Ships
Koria Kitten Riot - The Earth Will Spin Around

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