Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Where Fires Are

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Photo courtesy of Midgley Media & Wintorz Creative Media

Ralph's always been a fan of crowdfunding since doing one for the Ralph's Life CD for Rethink Mental Illness a couple of years ago, so on hearing that Leeds Alt Rockers Where Fires Are were using PledgeMusic to fund their upcoming EP one four six one it was time to take a looksee.

Ash, James, Matt, Nick and Robbie first met back in 2010 at Leeds College of Music and by 2013 various other bands and solo projects had come and gone.

Following their graduation all five realised they were free to begin their next musical endeavour and Where Fires Are was born, and the rest is history.

Image may contain: textBy ordering your copy of the single on PledgeMusic you'd have gained access to recording updates, bonus content, video clips and much more. Plus, hearing the new single and received new video weeks before anyone else.

Further to that, you'd have had the chance to pre-order any of the items or experiences listed, including a signed EP, limited edition vinyl, acoustic Skype sessions and more. 

With the One Four Six One EP out this Friday (3rd Feb) and Where Fires Are embarking on a UK mini-tour from tomorrow Ralph will be playing I've Got The Time on next Sunday's Indie Show on Radio KC.

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