Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Eccentronic.....they're my new friends electric

Eccentronic We Won't Rock YouNow me being a Jack Russell with a 20 second attention span this show causes me no end of consternation.....Is it a music act.....is it a comedy act....so make your mind up for yourself as I give to you the mixed-up manic mayhem that is Eccentronic re-appearing live and plugged at this years Edinburgh Fringe.  They style themselves as an electronic, eccentric musical comedy duo hailing from Croydon.  
They're a male-female duo made up of John Callaghan Warp Records and Ms Hypnotique the glamorous television theremin player.  They bring you a zesty melee of musical mash-ups and oddball humour, with influences from The Smiths to Nine Inch Nails and Black Lace.


This year at The Edinburgh Fringe  Electro-comedy duo Eccentronic enters Eurovision.  It’s boom-bang-a-bang to world peace, radical choreography and avant-garde Eurodisco.  But will you, the jury, be wowed by award-worthy theremin and musical mash-ups from ABBA to Kraftwerk via Croydon Tram, or will they score nul points?  Neurovision explores the flippant, feather-boa’d, sequined side of Eurovision culture, and what it means to be British in a homogenised European federation, skitting through genres including experimental sound installations, stadium rock and Casio-keyboard ska.  Unleash the Neurovision hit machine! 

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