Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Bedroom Hour....You need to wake up to these guys

Oi....you....yes..... you reading this.....wanna know one of the best kept secrets on the new music scene .....today.....it's London band The Bedroom Hour!  

One can only wonder why, when these guys are turning out quality tracks like 'X marks the Spot' and 'Heart Will Haunt' that they're not getting the attention they deserve.  The track, 'X Marks the Spot' (hint's of U2/Simple Minds, one for the big venues) was track of the day on View From The Music recently and it immediately made me want to hear more.

Here's the promo video of 'X Marks the Spot' that was done by American photographer Tim Bouwer on a visit from the States. Filmed in their music studio in Uxbridge where they record and mix all their tracks.  it's got a punchy intro that leads you in to assured vocals, accomplished guitar work and solid drums.  


Now the good news is they've got plans to play countrywide and more news on that later.

This haunting acoustic version of 'Finger On The Pulse' which was recorded in a session with St Paul's Lifestyle.  Ralph will be pointing this one in the direction of anyone that'll listen including internet radio stations and Tom Robinson on Auntie BeeB.  

They played a headlining showcase gig at The O2 Islington last year which they absolutely smashed and here's a line up of where you can catch them next.....14th June - Dreadnought Rock Bathgate, 15th June - Sneaky Petes Edinburgh, 16th June Broadcast, Glasgow, 23rd June - Mossborough Music Festival.

 Band members are:

Stu Drummond, Mark Dudley, Mattia Milan, Rob Payne and Ryan Pincott.

So take Ralph's advice and get your tickets for a show near you and catch these guys live.  They're getting some heavy airplay on Internet radio stations including those lovely people at Scottish favourites Splash Radio so here's a few more tunes for you to have a listen to including the poignant 'Heart Will Haunt'and new release 'Escape'.

The Bedroom Hour ripping it up at The Fiddlers in Camden.....
picture courtesy of Homegrown Rock

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