Friday, 21 September 2012

Panda Su.....The A to Z

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After blogging Panda Su last year when she released the single 'The Alphabet Song' which was heard by worldwide cinema audiences as it's the background music to Jennifer Lawrence's first on screen kiss in the film 'House At The End Of The Street'.  

To mark the occasion Su released a video of 'The Alphabet Song' directed by the extremely talented camera pointing person, Mr Dylan Drummond.  The song was single of the month in The List and she was named as 'one of the top ten Scottish artists you should discover in 2012' by Q Magazine on their website.

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So big news is today she's released a new single 'MAPS' and it's a bit of a tangent as she marries her sultry vocals with light, airy electronica to delight our ears.  The single is available on all the usual formats including i-tunes and Amazon.

Also just announced, she'll be playing Doune The Rabbit Hole Festival on Saturday 24th August and there's news of a UK tour to follow soon.

The video that accompanies the single is reminiscent of early Pet Shop Boys where a stony faced Chris Lowe would scowl over Neil Tennants shoulder.....but there the similarity ends and Panda Su lures you in with her sensual vocals.


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