Saturday, 5 July 2014

1Minute Memory

Having done the Ralph's Life CD to help promote mental health awareness and raise funds for the charity Rethink, Ralph's always got his nose to the ground for similar worthy projects. 

Thanks to a random Tweet from Alison Moyet the 1Minute Memory project for Alzheimer's Society by Dave Kirkwood caught his eye! Ralph's previously blogged his creative 3hundredand65 charity project so it was no surprise to see how ambitious 1MinuteMemory is.

Sadly, his Father died on Friday 13th June 2014. He had been suffering from Vascular Dementia and complications associated with it. It had been a painful time for his whole family as it’s a cruel illness.

So on June 13th 2015 he'll be in a Manchester venue and draw a portrait every minute for 24 hours thus creating a 24 hour charity event for dementia charities entitled 1MinuteMemory.

The title comes from his family's experience with his Father... 

ewanpolaroid"Before he lost all sense of himself and those around him completely he would forget a face in a minute." 

"you could literally walk in and out of the room and he’d have forgotten you."


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    1Minute Memory Drawings

Find somebody to sit for you.

Draw a 1 minute portrait of them.

Give them the portrait.

They go online to our page on Just Giving – 1 Minute Memory and they donate (we suggest a minimum of £1).

You post a picture of the portrait on Twitter (instagram and facebook) mentioning us @1MinuteMemory and or #1MinMem


        1Minute Word Memory

    Find somebody you want to write about
    In less than a minute write some words about them.

    Give them the words.

    They go online to our page on Just Giving – 1 Minute Memory and they donate (we suggest a minimum of £1).

    Share your words on Twitter (instagram and facebook) mentioning us @1MinuteMemory and or #1MinMem

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    1Minute Photo Memory

    Find somebody to pose for you
    In less than a minute take their photoportrait
    Give them the portrait.

    They go online to our page on Just Giving – 1 Minute Memory and they donate (suggested minimum of £1).

    Share your picture on Twitter (instagram and facebook)  mentioning us @1MinuteMemory and or #1MinMem


    It would be lovely if you were to donate a minimum of £1 to Alzheimer’s Society now.

    Online: or do it on-the-spot by texting:
    to 70070
    So you can make people 1 Minute Memories anywhere and at any time and they can donate anywhere and at any time. You can get together to make memories absolutely anywhere. It only takes a minute – literally.
    Don’t say you can’t draw! Of course you can, anyway who expects an incredibly detailed likeness of the person! You’ve only got a minute. Just capture something about the person. A few quick lines can say as much as a photo-real drawing ( more sometimes). Have fun, these are meant to be happy memories.

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