Saturday, 12 July 2014

The Bedroom Hour

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Ralph doesn't usually put blogs out on a Friday, what with the weekend being sacred and all, however when he heard that The Bedroom Hour were releasing their new album Hinterland on the 11th of July he made an exception and wound up the turntable.

There's a couple of old favourites on there in Nocturnal and Heart Will Haunt, but it's the new material that intrigues.

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Thanks to Trust A Fox Photography

Lead track Ocean gives an atmospheric lead in to Sea Without Water and it's The Bedroom Hour at their anthemic best, with soaring vocals throughout. The aforementioned and much loved Nocturnal and Heart Will Haunt take us into the moodier Broken and a more reflective and melodic Sapphires.

Displaying Promo 14 B&W.jpgThe rousing Ghost Of A Smile leads into the more alt rockier WW/Me with shades of Big Country and the album continues on it's immaculately conceived way. Some almost psychedelic, organ infused sounds with I See Suns and it goes into the soaring, brief and eponymous Hinterland. The superbly named A Map Made From My Bones finishes off the album in style with it's synth infused richness. For me, it's the highlight.

They're a band destined for the bigger stage, and if; like me, you grew up with Simple Minds, Big Country and U2 this is without a doubt the album for you...and don't miss The Bedroom Hour  debuting Hinterland in Manchester's Night & Day on the 12th July, it'll be huge!

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