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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

The Low Countries - A Prize Every Time

Back in October of last year it was with a heavy heart that Ralph reported on The Invisible Ray, an album that was to be the swansong of The Low Countries (mainly comprised of Nigel Parrington and Els D'hooge). Ralph had a chat with Nigel at the time and he reported that he felt 'all songed out'.

I remember commenting at the time that possibly, knowing the background story to this being the last album influenced my perception of the track 'The Invisible Ray' as it had a rueful feel to it and seemed to sum up the passing of The Low Countries.

Well it's with a much lighter heart that I can report that Nigel and Mark Lee (from The High Ones days) are colluding to bring some new tunes and more news on that soon I hope.

In the meantime a 'best of' album has been released of The Low Countries 'Greatest Bits' called A Prize Every Time, consisting of 22 musical highlights from Nigel and Els back catalogue. It will be released on the 8th of September and includes Ralph's favourite 'At The End Of The Day' which The Low Countries donated for The Ralph's Life CD to raise funds for the mental health awareness charity Rethink.

Ralph's advice? Go and order it!


  • 1.At the End of the Day

  • 2.Brian Cox's Locks

  • 3.The Weatherman
  • 4.Putty
  • 5.Don't Let It Be You

  • 6.Handmaid's Blush
  • 7.Summer's Last Hurrah
  • 8.Paracetamol

  • 9.Ache
  • 10.A Friend Worth the Name
  • 11.Wormwood Blues
  • 12.Long Story Short
  • 13.Gent!
  • 14.A Journey
  • 15.Sun Street
  • 16.Tell Her
  • 17.Still Time
  • 18.Saved
  • 19.Hoor Je Mij?
  • 20.Low Country
  • 21.The Invisible Ray
  • 22.Forever Comes


Hypericum Perforatum
The Failing Of The Strains
a brown cafe at 3am
Summer's Last Hurrah
Deirdre & Michael
Hoor Je Mij

The Invisible Ray