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Friday, 4 July 2014

The Job

Now every now and again Ralph has a look at something Indie other than music, so when he heard that Ryan John Amey Henderson of RJAH Films who creates the excellent Steve Heron music videos was crowdfunding a project to make a no-holds-barred serial cop drama that shows the realities of the job, it was time to investigate. 

Needless to say that's probably the reason why Ryan and co-writer Adam MacNamara have called their nascent TV show The Job.

The Job Kickstarter Campaign gives us a chance to get involved in this ambitious project at ground level by pledging for a range of fascinating Rewards, including the chance to have an Associate Producer credit!

The Job is a set of personal stories of an anecdotal structure that focuses on the microcosm of human life. It fills in the gaps; those moments when they appear home, sometimes late, beaten from work and having to face the next set of problems and personal exploits as human beings.

 The focus with this current police drama is the fact that crime is not front and foremost of any of the stories and set in a place where there are no heroes. These stories reflect on reality and home truths.

The big question is...
do you have what it takes to be part of 'The Job'?