Tuesday, 8 July 2014

One Last Dance

Jonathan Pryce
Last of the crowdfunding projects Ralph's been checking out this week is One Last Dance starring the legendary actor Jonathan Pryce (Brazil, Pirates of the Caribbean) who plays Jon, an old man, who on a visit to his grandson's dance competition sees a vision of his late wife. 

Shane Attwooll

They dance, giving Jon a chance to reconnect with his past and reignite his passion for life. It also stars distinguished stage and screen actors Shane Attwooll (as Jon’s son) and Sara Kestelman (as his lost love).

Sara Kestleman
One Last Dance is set in the decaying grandeur f an English seaside town that reflects the emotional decline of the old man – the landscapes of the half-remembered, the blurred edges, the nervous nostalgia, the meandering associations across time and geography. Those ephemeral moments when we can choose to be happy with the present by coming to terms with the past.

Paul Hartnoll

The soundtrack will be created by multi award-winning musician, producer, and composer Paul Hartnoll of the pioneering band, Orbital

Luke Losey

Paul and Director Luke Losey go way back, working together the early music video days. Paul has composed scores for movies and television including Event Horizon, The Saint, The Beach, xXx and Pusher.

The faded grandeur of a seaside resort
Herne Bay
The film will be shot on location in the seaside town of Herne Bay in Kent and, needless to say as it's a crowdfunded film it gives you, dear reader, the chance to get involved. There are a number of excellent rewards available for pledging, from a HD download of the film to an Executive Producer credit! But you'd better hurry as at the time of writing there's but 50 hours to go!

Funding period
 -  (21 days)

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