Thursday, 2 April 2015


dark age cover art
The last time I wrote about Liverpool band Kynchinlay was last year on the release of their Drink Me EP when I 'accused' them of sounding like SAHB (no bad thing says I) and exploring their darker side.  Well these post punkers have released another five track EP and it's no surprise that it's called Dark Age.

Kynchinlay continue their ominous industrial assault on our ears as lead track I Be Hopin batters them before quirkily walking on the wild side with a slightly Lou Reed-esque (complete with 'the coloured girls going' oooh oooh) vocalising. The mood darkens again as they bring in mean and moody bass and guitar.

It's a slightly more stripped back but no less ominous Kynchinlay that features on second track Wide Awake with its introspective lyric, whilst Back To What She Knows is almost like the soundtrack to a David Lynch movie with it's thumping bass and swirling guitar overlaid with mean and moody vocal.

EP 1 cover art

Fourth track in BatJazz and it's the spirit of Alex Harvey influenced Kynchinlay we're getting with this ska-like batshit crazy track. My personal favourite on the Dark Age EP.

They finish of with Shudder and once again their blend of guitar and bass is immaculate. Kynchinlay have fused together classic rock 'n' roll with their own brand of psych punk to give their fans a guaranteed live favourite which has already featured on Radio KC.

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