Wednesday, 15 April 2015

The Vaulted Skies

Photo by Pete Bilk
There seems to be a trend just now for bands to lean on the influences of the 80's whilst bringing to that era a modern twist and very much at the forefront of that is Saint Albans band The Vaulted Skies.

The Strange EP, released recently is a concoction of mean and moody vocals over swirling guitars and orchestral synths.

Hardly surprising as The Vaulted Skies list amongst their influences Radioead, The Cure, Muse, Joy Division and many more of that ilk. 

Lead track Vampires thumps into an OMD -esque anthemic soundscape.

Caroline Slipped Across The Sky continues the anthemic vein with soaring vocal overlaid on solid musicality, whilst Hungware is all moody drums, soaring guitar and plaintive lyric.

Versus Heart continues the plaintive mood and emphasises The Vaulted Skies strong lyric writing ability and musicality. It culminates with the bouncier Does Anyone Else Feel Strange which will transport you back to some smoky, beer stained dungeon of a bar with sticky carpets watching Depeche Mode in their formative years. 

The Vaulted Skies are on a roll with this EP and judging by recent reviews are also ones to catch live.  

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