Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Two Skies

Ralph has had his eyes on Sheffield band Two Skies for a little while now having previously played the deliciously heavy Stay on his Radio KC Indie Show. 

So it was with great interest that he heard that they were realeasing Feel as a single on May 11th.

It's a pleasingly psychadelic offering, evoking memories of early Pink Floyd or pre - Hawkwind the Hawklords.

Gaining critical acclaim including Q Magazine saying - "They deal in bass-heavy, freak out friendly reveries" and Tom Robinson no less was heard to say - "Soaring vocal and big drums".

Comprised of Dan Cutts on Vocals and Guitar, Jamie Cheetham on Bass and Oliver Harrap on Drums Two Skies are a powerful live band that are creating solid, eminently listenable indie psych music that will appeal to fans of many different genres.

To quote the band - "Two Skies were driven together by a mutual love of ethereal noises and powerful trippy grooves".

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My best advice would be catch Two Skies live in Carsons Bar in Middleton on May 21st as their powerful psychedelic guitar infused live sets are becoming legendary and with strong new tracks like Feel and the flip side Broken Hearts to add to their armoury of haunting anthems, it'll be a night to remember.

Other Live Dates are...


21 - Carsons Bar, Middleton
30 - Opium 10, Barnsley...with Blossoms


03 - Kraak, Manchester... with Dom Keller
24 - Tramlines festival, Sheffield
25 - Karma, Leeds

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