Monday, 13 April 2015


Last time Ralph checked out Officer was on the release of his first track and video from the upcoming Myriads album. Well today sees the release of the second track Glass Ceiling and the video is being launched exclusively on Ralph's Life.

Both track and video are deliciously dark, atmospheric and well crafted. The video takes you on a soul-searching introspective journey as Officer (aka DC Logan) makes you feel his pain. You can experience it right here on Ralph's Life and it'll be played on Radio KC from this week.

The Myriads album is being produced thanks to the love and generosity of Officer's friends as they crowd funded enough cash from his loyal fan-base who were desperate to have a physical copy of the tracks they loved from his live performances.

Officer had been playing regularly for a year in all the 'usual supects' small venues in London and beyond including Germany, building up a solid core of fans willing to put forward their hard earned beer tokens to see his work properly realised on iTunes and it's ilk.

The fruit of this is Myriads - a stunning debut indie soundscape album of incredibly captivating songs, powerful lyricism and oceanic atmospheres. The album was produced by close friend, Daniel Peterson and co-produced by Officer himself. You can see and hear why people have invested in the creation of this album and now Officer is releasing one of the songs most loved by his audience, Glass Ceiling. He’s thrilled with how the song has turned out and is looking forward to his beloved crowd’s reaction.

If you're lucky enough to be in London on April 21st you can see Officer perform at The Lucky Pig, Fitzrovia in London.

If you're even luckier you'll have been invited by Ralph to the Lynn Gerrard debut poetry book launch in The Citadel Theatre, St Helens June 11th where he'll be performing along with Lee and Adele of The Fireflys and Amber Heyes.

Lynn Gerrard will be performing some of her spoken word poetry from the book on the night.

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