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Ralph's Top 10 Blogged Band Chart - 11.4.15

OK bands you know the score .....

the more hits your blog gets by the fans ..... 

the higher you go .....

So Tweet it, Facebook it .....

Generally expose yourself .....

Now Mr Snuggles and I Have Been sitting with our heads down counting the hits on each blog to see who's got bands which place.  

The Top Ten Blogged Band Chart is played every Sunday 5-7pm on Radio KC as part of Ralph's Indie Show.

No 1...Kidsmoke

The last time Ralph had a sniff at Manchester based Kidsmoke was on the release of their debut EP Higher back in September of 2013. Well at the time I was hooked by their infectious 80's guitar and remain so with the advent of The Reason I Jump, just released as a single from the up-coming EP So Long, Emptiness.

No 2...Blair Jollands

Ralph's not averse to a bit of mean and moody vocalising and he's found it in spades with the release of the four track EP Stars Will Descend by Blair Jollands

New Zealand born and now based in London, Blair's style has been previously compared to Nick Cave or Rufus Wainright and I'm getting shades of a funky Leonard Cohen. 

No 3...1000 Mexicans

Why Do We Take This?

If you've reformed a band that nearly made it in the 80's what's new that you can bring to the table now? In 1000 Mexicans case it's quality grown up music like their new single Why Do We Take This. Ralph's already given it a spin on his Radio KC Indie Show.

No 4 ...The Phantom Sound

Working on a debut album, The Phantom Sound aka Californian born (now living in London) Marisa Schlussel strives to create honest, powerful and emotional songs, drawing on diverse influences from the late 70's and 80's including BowieBlondieThe Ramones and Duran Duran and giving them a contemporary feel.

No 5...Kynchinlay

dark age cover art

The last time I wrote about Liverpool band Kynchinlay was last year on the release of their Drink Me EP when I 'accused' them of sounding like SAHB (no bad thing says I) and exploring their darker side.  Well these post punkers have released another five track EP and it's no surprise that it's called Dark Age.

Ralph recently gave Gateshead Indie rockers Elephant Memoirs new single Mug a spin on his Radio KC Sunday Show and thought it'd be a good idea to take a look after some great feedback. 

Formed in 2013 by John AspinallBarry Drew and Carl Aspinall they've been working hard to create a catalogue of original material and successfully so in the case of Mug which kicks off with swirling guitar before thumping into a gritty vocal.

No 7...Lost Embers

The Borders of Winter -Signed and Personalized CD

Having played guitar and written music since an early age, playing in a number of bands around the Welsh valleys, the next logical step was to perform as a solo artist so Lost Embers was formed in 2013. Since then songs have been written and recorded with important thought to location and space. These recordings gave way to the first full length album The Borders of Winter. 

Well feted after the release of their debut album The Slow Readers Club now bring us their second offering Cavalcade with it's 12 tracks of indie pop infused electro goodness. 

Strong  song writing and vocals overlaid on consumate musicality will see this album push them even further to the fore.

No 9...Sisteray

Sisteray have been making big waves in the indie/garage rock scene since forming in 2012 however 2014 was a breakthrough year for the London four-piece and 2015 looks to continue in that vein. They're big favourites here in the kennel and regulars on Ralph's Indie Show on Radio KC.

Fragile Creatures EP
Brighton seems to be producing a wealth of musical goodness of late and Fragile Creatures are pushing their way to the forefront of that trend after an enforced hiatus due to tragic circumstances. After a successful start to 2013; including starting to record an album, David Vatchnadze, their mentor and founder of Indie record label DNVMusic sadly passed away.

Theyreleased an EP of four carefully crafted, pop-tastic guitar driven tracks last year as a follow up to their debut, double A side single Dear Michael/She Makes Me Nervous.

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