Thursday, 23 April 2015

The Clear

Now you know Ralph's a fan of unsigned Indie and that's mainly all he writes about. However he does indulge himself now and again when a truly classic piece of songwriting finds it's way into the kennel.

Sheffield's The Clear and their latest single America which is fresh, yet nostalgic and beautifully channels classic West Coast Pop is just such an example. 

America is a slice of classic songwriting, harking back to that golden age of perfectly-crafted pop songs which Ralph's playing on Radio KC next Sunday

Colin Elliot (producer of fellow Sheffield star Richard Hawley) heard The Clear and their songs so after working with Kylie Minogue at Abbey Road Studios he invited them to his own studio to capture their warm & glossy sound. A fruitful session followed out of which the tracks America and Sunlight were born.

The debut single was released a while back and DJs Gary CrowleyTom RobinsonJanice Long and top tastemaker Simon Raymonde rushed to play it on this shows. Gary went as far as naming Sunlight one of his “favourite songs of the summer.” 

Since Sunlight the band have been signed by the inimitable Lance Freed to Rondor Music and America is the new single to be released this summer by The Clear as part of the build up towards their debut album. 

Personally, I can't wait!

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