Thursday, 31 May 2012

Everything's coming up Rosies..........

Me looking notorious

So now that I'm achieving more notoriety than any Jack Russell before me (except for that one in that French made film The Artist but it can't type) and have the most read opinions on new music of any Jack Russell anywhere (and because that other one can't type) I got followed on my tweetings by this young singer/songwriter from West London called Jack Rosies.  Now being a Jack Russell and therefor naturally inquisitive and seeing as we're both called Jack although he isn't a dog,  I went and checked him out.  So he's got his own website where he gives you free music (mental, he'd get 79p on iTunes) which is actually very good and even better if you like peeps like Ed Sheeran and the girlies will love him 'cause he looks ok for not being a Jack Russell.


He's been writing and performing since 2009, doing a bit of busking, playing for charity and even played at the O2 Academy which is cool.  He is of course also available for birthdays, weddings and Bar Mitzvahs. 

     Here's a quick snippet of                                    
        a review last year in 

So why not go check him out on YouTube listen to him, like him and make him famous!  I'll be keeping tabs on him, try and find out some more stuff and if he's doing any gigs soon that you can go to and actually touch him and let him touch you.....ok bit stalker like.....and if he isn't doing any gigs I'll need to try and get him some.....oh and go make him your friend on Facebook!

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