Thursday, 10 May 2012

Ralph's Life

'I'm Ralph, I'm a dog (Jack Russell if you must know) and I'm mental.  I'll be giving you all an insight into my life.  Today for instance I'll be doing a lot of thinking (sleeping)'.

OK so those were my immortal first blogged words and needless to say things have moved on.....I decided to start blogging unsigned bands with a degree of success it turns out.

I've now got my own Facebook page, I put stuff on Pinterest (which is very interesting but not quite caught on yet), my own Soundcloud where bands leave me music and a YouTube account with interesting videos of all kinds of stuff.....and I even blog films, recipes, venues and restaurants.....mental innit!

Now I spend a fair bit of time researching when I'm doing a bands blog and all the differently coloured words are links to other interesting stuff.  So always remember and click on the links and they'll inform and educate.....

So if you're reading this you probably just followed me on Twitter or some other form of social media.....despite the fact I'm a Jack Russell I don't bite so the kennel's always open.....feel free to send me music,videos or recommend a band, I'm  off for a game of footie.....hopin' to get a call for a game with Cowdenbeath.....

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  1. There's just something about a dog in yoda ears that makes me smile like a lunatic. I'll be listening up daawg!

  2. i know ralph will win good luck