Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Fal-low can my dad go...his idea of taking me for a number 2!

 Ok, so my old man says to me, "Ralph, going for a number 2" - Well I'd had a big lunch, felt a bit bloated so it sounded like a great idea.  It was nice and sunny out so a wander down the park to fill up a couple of poo bags sounded like a great idea.....then the took me out the back garden and did this to me!

So there was me lookin' all suitably hirsute which the girlies like an' he says - "lets give you a summer coat"- and I'm thinking how traumatic is this gonna be!

Then he sticks Admiral Fallow's new album 'Tree Bursts in Snow' on his juke box and I start getting this mellow vibe when 'Subbuteo' comes on 'cause it's this chillin' little instrumental track and I'm like, "well this can't be all bad", and the sun was shining and the gentle buzz of the clippers was making me feel good.


Well his juke box has like this TV screen and the next track that comes on is 'The Paper Trench' off the album which is a video and has this dead butch dog on it and the it gets so freaky 'cause this tree gets up and walks off and I think to myself well that's dead inconvenient 'cause you've got to chase it if you need a wee but then there's the fun of havin' a tree that you can chase.

So they supported Snow Patrol recently more or less at the same time as doing a headline gig of their own and now releasing the 'Tree Bursts in Snow' album and single which is like really showing off.

Admiral Fallow

Now the little one is Sarah Hayes who is like very nice and probably one of the girlies that likes hirsute if the tall one on her left is anything to go by and now, thanks to my old man, I've no chance!

So make your next mouse click a visit to iTunes and buy Tree Bursts in Snow as it's got to be a hot tip for next years SAY Award and don't just listen to it on YouTube in bits which is just like watching all them two minute porn clips on......and.....ermmmm well what would I know about that!


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