Thursday, 31 May 2012

Could you SUB me a COUPLE of quid 'til I buy this album


Further to my earlier lovings of London based band Sub Couple and ensuing attempts to get the excellent Sub Stomp to No.1 on the Beat 100 chart, big things have been happening with the guys.


Check out the funky new website where you can purchase their second album 'Actual Size' which is available for the entirely underpriced £8.80, especially considering the quality of the toons contained therin!  And you can sample all the tracks pre-buying though it's worth getting just for the excellent 'Silver Dollar' and the ever popular 'Sub Stomp'. Check it out and "check it out".....geddit?


If you're feeling really flush splash out on their debut album "Economy Scum" similarly priced at £8.80 and similarly undervalued!

                                   Sub Couple

Ok so this is my second Blog of the day and I'm knackered, so I'm off for a chill out with "Silver Dollar" pumping through my juke box followed by the thumping "Economy Scum" 'cause it's a dogs life!  And if you're Googlin' them and go to a website that offers you a fun time at Sub Couple's home in Funchal......avoid it like the plague....nudge nudge....wink wink.....know what I mean 'aint them!

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