Thursday, 17 May 2012

Stuart Adamson Fans Website

Ahoy all Stuart Adamson, Big Country and Skids Fans, if you haven't been there already here's a website that's well worth a visit with loads of great info pics and downloads.

Gwenda Matthews who runs the site is also writing a biography of Stuart's life called 'Restless Native' and if the excerpts from the first chapter are anything to go by it will be a riveting read for Stuart's fans in particular and music fans in general.

Having known Stuart my old man misses him and his music (The Skids are never off his jukebox) and it's due to that influence that this Blog came about with a view to promoting the Fife Music Scene with it's wealth of new talent.  Modern Faces being a classic example.  Check them out on YouTube first chance you get.

In the meantime I'm sticking on a bit of Holy Pistol Club (OK OK I know they're from Dumbarton but hopefully they'll be joining the Blue Brazil in the 1st Division next season so we'll let them off) an' gettin' down wit' ma bad self.  Later dudes.

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