Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Heeeeere's Johhny.....Only You!

So I've been on the odd walk with the Old Man an' he's pointed out this old tramp bloke to me and I've thought to myself, ok but why and then he's said to the old guy "Hiya Johnny" and I thought, why 'cause he niffed a bit....and then the old guy's said to him....."Us short people have the most difficult life", and I thought ok fair comment, so my Old Man passes him a couple of quid (which I'm thinking is coming out of my dog chew money) said "see you around Johnny", and we went our separate ways.

What's the point I hear you ask.  Well on pushing the issue with my Old Man 'cause I'm worried about the misuse of my dog chew funds he told me a bit about Johnny Welly who he's known off and on these last five years and reminds him of a similar gent he knew when he was younger in Dunfermline.  That's in Scotland which is a long way away when you've only got short legs like me and can't drive.


Now there's those that think Johnny is just some rude old crazy homeless guy that wanders round St Helens swearing at people (which he does sometimes) but what most people don't realise is Johnny is an intelligent, funny, surprising and friendly man who's had a very difficult life.  

Martin Murray and Felix Sturm

He's a bit of a local celebrity and even has his own website, courtesy of a guy called  Dave Gibson  and a song written about him by a local musician, Dale Kinsey. which you can check out on YouTube. Recently he backed local boxer Martin Murray in his fight against Felix Sturm.  In return Murray's fans chanted his name at one of the boxer's weigh-ins.


One other thing most people don't know about the Legend that is Johhny is that he can carry a tune.  Check out him singing the old Platters hit Only You!  or try this, Johnny singing The Rock 'n' Roll Waltz.

So if you're passing Johhny Welly don't just look the other way, drop him a couple of quid and you never know he might just sing you a tune!  Or then again you can always check out his website  read his story, hear him singing, see the films, even play the game and then why not drop him a line at his e-mail or add him as a friend on your Facebook, he'd love to hear from you.  As my Old Man says, Johnny's a top bloke who can make you laugh or make you cry, and a true legend.

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